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January 30, 2018

IPSC 2017

The London Final 2017 - Australia wins!
The seven finalists of the competition in London were Owen David Thomas Torrey, from Canada (“To wage war with peace”), Marcelo Martin del Campo Tena from Mexico (“The Demon on our Doorstep”) Junaid Hameed from England and Wales (“ Spoils of war”), Yunxiang Gu, China (“ Living in peace in absence of war”), Luke Macaronas, Australia (“ The Inconvenient Truth”), Tin Pui Timothy Tung from Hong Kong (“ Save your minds”), Shiandra Gooneratne from Sri Lanka, the only female finalist (“The Untold Story”).

In the photo from the left: Yunxiang, Luke, Owen, Marcelo, Junaid, Shiandra, Tin Pui Tim

The winner was Luke Macaronas from Australia.Unfortunately Ronett Radvánszki from Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza did not reach the overall final though she was commended by the judges for her efforts and we were proud of her participation.

The Hungary Final in Budapest 2017

Competitors in the 2017 IPSC with the winner holding the winner's shield. The judges are on the right of the picture.

(photograph by Vass Mary from Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza)

The final took place at 1085 Budapest, Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnázium, Horánszky u. 11, on Friday 24th March 2017, beginning at 1.30pm. 15 finalists and 4 junior finalists took part and the standard of every competitor was very high.

The judges were Dezsényi Balázs (2013 winner), Bába Kitti Klaudia (2016 winner) and Sinead Laffan, a freelance English language teacher trainer from Limerick in the Irish Republic (Eire) but living in Budapest. The junior competition was judged by Jobbagy Ilona (former Head of OUP) and Kallai Zoltan (2014 winner).

Senior Competition:

Winner: Radvánszki Ronett (2nd 2016 and junior competitor 2015) - Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Runner Up: Király Márton, Budapest, ELTE Radnóti Gimnázium.
Third Place: Zsebi Soma Peter (Participant 2016).- III. Béla Gimnázium, Baja

The following were also competitors, all of whom performed to the very highest standards (in performance order)

Náhóczki Áron - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Kálmán Zalán Leó - A BGSZC Hunfalvy János Két Tanítási Nyelvű Közgazdasági és Kereskedelmi Szakgimnáziuma, Budapest
Páli Nikolett - Vörösmarty Gimnázium, Budapest
Horváth Ádám Bence - Sárospataki Református Kollégium Gimnáziuma, Általános Iskolája és Diákotthona
Németh-Tóth Eszter Lídia - Krúdy Gyula Két Tanítási Nyelvű Gimnázium, Győr
Szűts Mátyás - Szent István Gimnázium, Budapest
Kiss Veronika - Zrínyi Ilona Gimnázium és Kollégium, Nyíregyháza
Kai Gustafson - Comenius Két Tannyelvű Gimnázium, Székesfehérvár
Parditka Emese - Patrona Hungariae Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Gimnázium, Kollégium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Budapest
Szaplonczay Eufémia - Szent Imre Katolikus Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Dykema Aranka Anasztázia - Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium Debrecen
Pizzo Marcello - Bolyai János Gimnázium, Kecskemét

Junior Competition:

Fehér Anna - Arany János Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Bucsku Balazs - Szent Imre Katolikus Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Langer Zsolt - NYME Bolyai János Gimnázium, Szombathely
Horváth Borbála - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok

We would like to thank Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnázium and Oxford University Press for their support in putting on the competition.

Thanks particularly go to Judit Borszeki for her organisation of the entries and venue. Also thanks are due to Szlaukó Tibor for his organising of the final at the school.

Report on IPSC 2016

Photo left to right: Jobbagy Ilona (judge – juniors), Lasancz Eszter (2012 winner), Edmund Dudley (judge - seniors), Rácz Zsófia (2016 3rd), Bába Kitti Klaudia (2016 winner), Radvánszki Ronett (2016 2nd), Dezsényi Balázs (2013 winner), Kallai Zoltan (2014 winner), Birta Alíz (2015 winner).

The winner of the Hungary Final, Bába Kitti Klaudia, will spend the whole of the competition week, Monday 9th May to Saturday 14th May with colleagues from the other 40 or more countries taking part. Included in the programme is a visit to the Globe theatre, visits to theatres and other exciting venues throughout the week. The ESU HQ in London will have several staff on duty day and night, to whom the participants can address any problems.

The speech will use the topic “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any”. If she gets through to the last six, however, she will need to give a speech entitled “Integrity has no need of rules”, which can be adapted from her original speech. The semi-finals involves a speech which has to be written in 20 minutes or so before it being given – “off the cuff”. This is to show that participants are able to use the language flexibly.

She will need to cover the costs of travel in the UK and Hungary though the flight will be paid by the Chairman and accommodation and the programme in London will be paid by the ESU (London HQ). Participants will need pocket money (Recommended 25 GBP per day minimum – 125 GBP total). More or less everything else is provided for them.


The Hungarian National Final took place on Thursday 24th Mar 2016 from 12.30 to 16.30 at the British Embassy, Harmincad u., Budapest. The competition used the title “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any”’. This very successful event featured 13 finalists in the 16 to 20 year old category.

The judging panel was chaired by Ed Dudley with former winners of the competition, Lasancz Eszter (2012), Dezsényi Balázs (2013) and Kallai Zoltan (2014) making up the panel of four.

Unfortunately, this is the last time that the British Embassy will be able to host the competition as they will move to new premises in Buda this year, premises which do not have a suitable venue.

As in the last three years there was also a junior competition with six 14 to 15 year old participants.


Senior Competition:

Winner: Bába Kitti Klaudia - Hunfalvy János Külkereskedelmi, Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola, Budapest
Runner up: Radvánszki Ronett - Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Third Place: Rácz Zsófia - Bornemisza Péter Gimnázium, Budapest
Other competitors (winners of local rounds)
Klekler Réka - Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Győr
Zsebi Soma Péter - III. Béla Gimnázium, Baja
Medve Nóra - Arany János Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Wolf Martin - Vörösmarty Gimnázium, Budapest
Lőrincz Botond - Leőwey Klára Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola, Budapest
Kiss Kata - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Kócsó Barbara - Bolyai János Gimnázium, Kecskemét
Szabó Dániel - Comenius Két Tannyelvű Gimnázium, Székesfehérvár
Szaplonczay Eufémia - Szent Imre Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Moravecz Kata - Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium, Debrecen

Junior Performers: Shakespeare's Heroes: Failures with Power!
This section was judged Ilona Jobbagy former Head of OUP in Hungary and Birta Alíz the Hungarian competition winner in 2015, but the performers were not judged, feedback being given on their performance at the end of their 3 minute speech. It was clear that the standard of these speeches would not have been out of place in the senior final.


Jánóczki Renáta - Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Megyaszai Lili - Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium, Debrecen
Olariu Jennifer* - Nyíregyházi Egyetem Eötvös József Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Horváth Ádám Bence* - Sárospataki Református Kollégium Gimnáziuma, Általános Iskolája és Diákotthona
Pókász Zoltán - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Ekler-Szabó Botond Alexander* - Életfa Általános és Művészeti Alapfokú Iskola, Keszthely
*awarded a distinction

IPSC 2015

Berta Aliz the winner of the Hungary Final won through into the semi finals (18 out of the 50 participating) and narrowly missed being selected for the final (6 finalists). For the last two years our entrants have reached the semi finals, something which they had not been able to do since our participation began in 2003.

The competition used the title '“Culture is not a Luxury, But a Necessity’’.

The competitors in the Senior Competition with the judges and chairman.

The final in Hungary at the British Embassy on Friday, 27th March 2015. began at 1pm. A very successful event featured 12 finalists in the 16 to 20 year old category and 6 students in the 14 to 15 year old group. The

The judging panel was chaired by Ilona Jobbagy with former winners of the competition, Lasancz Eszter (2012) and Kallay Zoltan (2014) making up the panel of three.


Senior Competition:

Winner: Birta Alíz, Arany János Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Runner up: Szente Nikolette, Hunfalvy János K, K Sz.iskola, Budapest
Third Place: Rácz Zsófia, Bornemisza Péter Gimnázium, Budapest

Other competitors:
Imolya Réka, Baár-Madas Gimnázium, Budapest
Lőrincz Botond, Leőwey Klára Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola, Budapest
Tóth Katalin, Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Kovács Ákos, Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium, Debrecen
Völgyes János Bendegúz, Vörösmarty Gimnázium, Budapest
Nagy Sebestyén, III. Béla Gimnázium, Baja
Pál Gergely, PTE Babits Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola, Pécs
Timár Noémi, Krudy Gyula Gimnázium, Győr
Csoknyay Zoltán, Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Általános Iskola és Gimnázium
Csapó Péter, Comenius Két Tannyelvű Gimnázium, Székesfehérvár

Junior Performers: This section was not judged but the performers were interviewed before the start of their performance and then gave their 3 minute speeches. It is clear that there are some excellent competitors for next year's competition as the standard of these speeches would not have been out of place in the senior final.

* Patterson Jázmin, Baár-Madas Gimnázium, Budapest
* Horváth Kristóf , Hunfalvy János K K Szakközépiskola, Budapest
* Gaál Benedek, Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
* Gyügyi Martin, Comenius, Két Tannyelvű Gimnázium, Székesfehérvár
* Boér Dorottya, Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Általános Iskola és Gimnázium
* Radvánszki Ronett, Krúdy Gyula Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza

Special Award:
A special award was made to VASS Maria from Nyiregyhaza for her continued support of the competition and specifically for the IPSC in Hungary.

The International Final in London, 15th May 2015

The IPSC is part of a five-day programme of events, including public speaking, debating and performance workshops, educational and cultural excursions, and a two-day public speaking competition.

As part of the five-day programme, participants receive training in public speaking and debating skills from world class ESU mentors at Dartmouth
House. The training sessions are geared towards the competition. Training in expression, delivery, listening and response skills are designed to improve the
participants’ delivery of their prepared speeches and their ability to listen and respond to questions. Training in organisation and prioritisation of arguments,
reasoning and analysis, as well as critical thinking skills are designed to improve the participants’ ability to write and deliver an impromptu speech.
In addition, participants receive training at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. The Globe workshops are delivered by experts in drama, theatre and performance, and are also designed to enhance the participants’ expressive and persuasive abilities, as well as their improvisation skills and their

IPSC 2014

Hungary's representative, Kallai Zoltan, wins through to the semi-final but not the Final

Our representative in London, Kallai Zoltan, does better than any Hungarian has in the past by winning through to the semi finals, the last 18 out of 40,000 participants worldwide. Unfortunately he was unable to win through to the final six though the semi finals were very close.
The eventual winner came from South Korea and the runner up from Mexico with other finalists from Australia, Malaysia and India.

Photo: Simon Ingram-Hill, the UK cultural attache and Head of the British Council, closes the Final in Budapest with presentations to all of the competitors. The British Council presented a special award for the most committed and enthusiastic speaker.

Thanks are due to the British Ambassador, HMA Jonathan Knott, and the Embassy for hosting the event and to Oxford University Press, represented at the event by the former Head of OUP, now retired, Jobbagy Ilona, for their sponsorship of the prizes.

The judges were Edmund Dudley from Pecs, a well known and generous contributor to events in Hungary and elsewhere and Peter Fekete from Inspire Speech, Budapest, who also gave feedback to teachers and students at the conclusion.

The Master of Ceremonies was Willy Benko, a well respected bi-lingual public speaker. Everyone appreciated his summing up address to the competitors and his offer of assistance to all of the speakers. This is the 12th time the event has produced a candidate to travel to the UK and throughout those 12 years Judit Borszeki has been the primary organiser of the competition.

WINNER - Kállai Zoltán - Sárospataki Református Gimnázium
SECOND - Magyar Sandy - Sárospataki Református Gimnázium
THIRD - Szabó Martin - Comenius Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Székesfehérvár

As usual the standard of sppeches was very high. All of the participants can congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Other Participants:
Wolf Martin - Vörösmarty Gimnázium, Budapest
Juhai Bence - Leövey Klára Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola, Budapest
Koncsik Marcell - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Goncsarenko Miléna - Bolyai János Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Szombathely
Szente Nikolette - Hunfalvy János Külkereskedelmi, Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola, Budapest
Medgyessy Zsófia - Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Piliscsaba
Simon Júlia - Baár-Madas Gimnázium, Budapest
Nagy Sebestyén - III. Béla Gimnázium, Baja
Berta Viktória - Kürt Alapítványi Gimnázium, Budapest
Németh Márk - Révai Miklós Gimnázium, Győr
Remeli Mina - Városmajori Gimnázium, Budapest
Szakáts Liza - Arany János Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Nyárádi Balázs - Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

The Junior Competition - 14 and 15 years

The junior competition was for those who were too young to enter the main competition. This gives an opportunity for younger speakers to practise in front of an audience with feedback in a competition situation.

The standard of the speeches was very high, at a similar level to the speeches in the senior section and bodes well for the future of the competition. The seven participants were:

Katalyn Nicole Petro de Chalendar - Városmajori Gimnázium, Budapest
Szaplonczay Eufémia - Szent Imre Gimnázium, Nyíregyháza
Nenezic Patrick - Baár-Madas Gimnázium, Budapest
Nguyen Thuy An - ELTE Radnóti Miklós Gimnázium, Budapest
Pál Gergely - PTE Babits Gimnázium, Pécs
Pélyi Zsófia - Verseghy Ferenc Gimnázium, Szolnok
Für Viola - Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

Guest Speaker - 12 years

Ekler-Szabó Botond Alexander from Életfa Általános és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Iskola, Keszthely gave a wonderful speech with recorder illustrations which the audience really appreciated. This is a talented young speaker and artist and a name to remember.
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IPSC Hungary 2013


The final was completed at the UK Embassy on the 5th April 2013. For the winner this was his fourth attempt in the competition. The judges were Peter Fekete (Chair) and Patrick McMenamin) who were unanimous in their choice of the first three. Each winner received a book prize from Oxford University Press and medals were presented to the first three. The winner will travel to the International Final in London in May.

Thanks go to the Ambassador and Embassy staff for the use of the building and their support for the competition.

Fekete Gergely - Bolyai János, Kecskemét
Palasik Róbert - Fazekas Mihály Gimn., Budapest
Pércsi Boglárka - Fazekas Mihály Gimn., Debrecen
Hargitai Viktor - Comenius, Székesfehérvár
Máthé Anna Beáta - Kölcsey Ferenc Gimn, Nyíregyháza
Falvai Zsófia - Vörösmarty Gimn., Budapest
Birta Aliz (2nd Place) - Arany János Gimn., Nyíregyháza
Albert Orsolya - Szabó Lőrinc, Budapest
Berta Viktória (3rd Place) - Kürt Alapítványi Gimn., Budapest
Schiller Patrik - Fazekas Mihály Gimn., Budapest
Kozma Zsófia - Vörösmarty Gimn., Budapest
Dezsényi Balázs (Winner) - Oetvos Lorand University, Budapest
Csúvár Zsombor - Fazekas Mihály Gimn., Debrecen


This competition demonstrated the high quality of English speakers coming up for future competitions. The judges, Ilona Jobbagy (Chair) and Steve Jones were agreed that there was nothing to separate the first two and two runners up. Medals and book prizes were presented to all of the competitors.

Szurok Máté István - Fazekas, Budapest
Gyöngyösi Boldizsár - Krúdy, Nyíregyháza
Pham Van Vinh - Fazekas, Budapest (Winner)
Lengyel Dorka - Krúdy, Nyíregyháza
Tamás Máté - Krúdy, Nyíregyháza
Für Viola Julianna - Fazekas, Budapest (Winner)
Nyárádi Balázs Bence - Fazekas, Budapest

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