Singlish Events

The most regular 'Singlish' event is the Tuesday evening at the Robert Burns International Foundation Office on Vaci ?t. This is a very relaxed event, suitable for anyone who wants to listen, discuss or sing.

At the RBIF office everyone has the words of the songs (which you can download from this website) and can either sing along or follow using the songbooks.

Steve also does other events such as the Christmas songs and 'Santa' at the Oxford University Press Christmas Conferences. He has also done plenary sessions at other OUP and MacMillan conferences

There is plenty of time for asking questions, discussion and exchanging ideas on the wide variety of subjects which the songs introduce.

Steve has also performed for Challenge.

Usually there are between 8 and 12 people attending, sometimes less, sometimes more, so the evening changes depending on who is there.

But the evening is about enjoying the language, relaxing and having fun ... nothing too serious! Come along and try it out.

Steve plays the guitar and, when he can bring it along, the banjo. You can listen to some of the songs by going to the downloads page and listening to one of the MP3s there.

Further information on the dates of these events will be found on the diary dates page.