OUP Summer Training August 2007

Intensive Teacher training Course 21-24th August 2007
Thanks to Jobbagy Ilona and her OUP team the Teacher Training was attended by upwards of 350 teachers from all over the country.
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Participants followed a strict timetable for their special areas, primary, secondary or adult. There were 6 primary, 4 secondary and 2 adult groups where the material was carefully selected to suit the level.

In the primary sections, for example there was a greater concentration on creativity and practical skills graduating to a much more intellectual, grammar based approach for the adults with motivational aspects included.

The type of sessions are listed below, the morning being taken up with workshop/lectures (2 x 90 minutes) and the afternoon with two plenaries (2 x 60 minutes) held either in the main hall with everyone participating or in two sections, one in the hall and one in the 'diszterem'.

Afternoon Plenary Sessions:

Smart Choices/Assertiveness - S?nth?n? Gedeon M?ria
Working with Electronic Whiteboards - Kelemen Ferenc, OUP

Cinema English - Moln?r Mikl?s
Extensive Reading - Harriet Seymour OUP Oxford

Aspects of Language Change - David A. Hill
New Primary Courses - Harriet Seymour
New Secondary/Adult courses - OUP

Working with Grammars, Dictionaries and other Supplementaries
(Hall: Primary & Diszterem: Secondary/Adult)
Farewell Singlish and raffle - Steve Jones - Singlish

Left: Jilly Viktor and Steve Jones

21st August 2007 - Classroom images

21st August 2007 - Other images

22nd August 2007 - Classroom images

24th August 2007 - Jilly Viktor session images

24th August 2007 - Classroom images

Workshop Sessions offered:
Tanul?s-m?dszertan - Sz?n?sin? Steiner Rita
An Approach to Project Work - David A Hill
Motivasting young Teenagers - Kelemen Ferenc
Some Underused Tips - S?nth?n? Gedeon M?ria
Communicative Grammar Activivites - Elekes Katalin
Grammar under 12 - P?los Ildik?
Exam preparation can be fun - Gr?f Szilvia
Grammar through drama - Sill?r Barbara
100 Internet ideas for the classroom - Prievara Tibor
Exploiting Texts - Richard Storton
Working with Vocabulary - Kakulya M?nika
Getting to Know the Learner - ?der Mariann
Activating a story - Enyedi ?gnes
Exams and the real world: finding the balance - R?zm?ves Zolt?n
Working with Puppets and Masks - David A Hill
Music in Lessons - Jilly Viktor (Friday 24th only)