On-line medical courses
With the help of the Leonardo fund (European Union) medical practitioners and educationalists are creating an on-line interactive medical course for doctors and nurses.


Previously some of the group worked on a prize winning medical website called Peditop ( also under the Leonardo programme of the EU.

Left: The group from the Rome meeting, held at the offices of FOR.COM (

Pictures from the Rome meeting

Called MeditopEU the site is under development at the moment and will be fully functional late in 2008 though it will be almost complete in September 2007.

Representatives of the organisations involved in the project - from Hungary, UK, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and Spain - met in Budapest in January 2007 to develop the background concept and begin development. Since then materials for the site, including videos, text and on-line tests and assessments have been in production and those materials which are ready have been translated into the project languages and uploaded to the website.

In April 2007 the group met in Rome to agree the final strategies and finalise plans for the coming two years. The next meeting will be in September 2007 in Graz to look at the educational methodology used on the site, particularly the project based learning.