IPSC 2019

The English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition 2019 

All necessary information, including dates, is in this document: IPSC 2019sj2

Theme for Hungary Final: A lie has speed, but truth has endurance

 The theme for the UK FINAL (6 selected from 50 participants) in the UK is: “Nature is a common language”

It has been agreed that the final will take place on 29th March 2019

The Organisers

The organiser of events for the International ESU in Hungary is the chairman, Steve Jones (steve@singlish.hu). Information on the ESU can be obtained on the website www.singlish.hu. The organiser to whom all entries should be sent and enquiries should be made is Judit Borszéki (borszekijudit@gmail.com). We’ll need to know about all the entries in each school to decide where we’ll need local rounds, so please keep to the deadline.

The Junior Competition

The junior competition is for those who are too young to enter the main competition. This gives an opportunity for younger speakers to practise in front of an audience with feedback in a competition situation. Prizes will be awarded. The speech will be of three minutes duration and no questions will be asked. The topic is the same as in the Main Competition.

The Main Competition

The main competition will follow the pattern of previous years i.e. a 5 minute speech (minimum length 4m 30s, maximum 5m 30s) with bell warnings at these 3 times.

Speeches are to be given without ‘props’, displays or other device (If in doubt ask the organisers in Budapest) however the speaker may use brief notes. A speech should never be read.

Prizes will be awarded and the winner will also go to the UK for the International competition in London 13-17 May 2019. The winner must be available on these dates.

The winner will spend the whole of the competition week with colleagues from the other 40 or more countries taking part. The ESU Hungary will pay the air fare and the accommodation in the hotel in London. The ESU will have several staff on duty throughout the week, to whom the participants can address any problems. Participants will need pocket money (Recommended 30 GBP per day minimum – 180 GBP total). More or less everything is provided for them during the week.

Please note that the UK exchange rate may well change significantly as the pound is falling at present.

Accompanying adults may travel and stay in the hotels used by the ESU, however, they will not be able to accompany the participants during the week. They may attend the preliminary rounds on Tuesday and the final on Friday. Otherwise they will have to occupy themselves and cover their full costs.