Birkenhead Docks model 1:1200 scale – Crane construction

Model built for the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead, UK.


C1 West Float 60 ton crane 1 1.4 28-Mar-19 Round based crane, steel skeleton


60 ton crane situated on the southern bank of the West Float west of Duke street bridge

C2 W Float Graving Dks tower crane 2 5mm 30-Mar-19 Steel tower and jib

Two tower cranes on the graving docks, south bank, West Float

C3 W Float spillers cranes 4 4mm 31-Mar-19
Elevator, jib & hose

Grain elevators on the West Float Spillers wharf

C4 West float grain elevator 1 60mm 28-Mar-19 Adjacent to Duke St SW

Grain elevator for ship loading on the south bank of the West Float near the grain wharfs

C5 West Float grain elevator & crane 2 31-Mar-19
Ocean Mills

Crane and grain elevator on the Ocean wharf on the West Float