Birkenhead Docks model 1:1200 scale section 3

Model built for the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead, UK.

Built on 12-13th March 2016
Harbour Master’s House adjacent to Duke Street Bridge



Built on 26th March 2016Wallasey Lairage (animal handling) adjacent to Wallasey Dock





Built on 26th March 2016Alfred Lairage (animal handling) adjacent to Alfred Dock





Built on 28th March 2016Footbridge at Morpeth lock entrance





Built on 28th March 2016Workshops and warehouse adjacent to Cathcart street station and Egerton dock




Built on 4th April 2016Small warehouse on the East Float next to bridge 4 and Egerton lock




Built on 4th April 2016Chain works warehouse next to Duke St bridge





Built on 5th April 2016Landing stage in the Mersey adjacent to the entrance locks on Alfred dock




11th April 2016The completed entrance docks – Alfred dock, Alfred locks, Landing stage in the River Mersey, water pump station Wallasey dock, hydraulic pump station, Morpeth dock, Morpeth lock, Morpeth branch dock and Egerton dock with locks to the East Float. LMSR and GWR marshalling yards. Barges, tugs and lighters.




11th April 2016The completed entrance locks from Alfred dock, Wallasey dock lock and hydraulic pump station on the East Float. Homepride grain warehouses, east end of Vittoria dock and wharf, Cathcart street goods depot and dockyard. Barges, tugs and lighters.




11th April 2016East Float, Homepride grain warehouses, silos and mill, Vittoria dock and wharf, Cathcart street goods depot and warehouse next to Duke street bridge with harbourmaster’s house. Barges, tugs and lighters.




3rd September 2016West Float, Wallasey Gas works gas holder



3rd September 2016West Float, Mobil storage complex






4th September 2016West Float, Rank/ Ocean mills and warehouses







5th September 2016West Float, William Cubbin workshops, sheds and warehouses







10th September 2016West Float, new Rank/ Ocean mills







11th September 2016West Float, warehouses adjacent to the newer Rank/ Ocean mills




West Float, graving docks, adjacent to the Mobiloil terminal