Pond yacht Eve repair – from 6th November 2019

Initial strip down 6th November 2019

The deck was removed and scrapped. The mast housing was retained and cleaned. The mast and booms were separated from the sails. The foam filling was removed exposing the hull frames and skin.

23rd november 2019: The hull was reglued and clamped.

23rd november 2019: Sails planned

27-Nov-19  Replacement shrouds, stays, halyard and sheets cut to length

4-Dec-19 New deck cut from plywood

4-Dec-19 New deck fitted with mainmast truck, fixings for shrouds, forestay and backstay and main and jib sheets

5-Dec-19  Jib cut, edged and glued to halyard. Halyard adjuster fitted and halyard fitted to mast.

5-Dec-19  Mains’l cut, edged with glue, Main boom claw added.

5-Dec-19  Sail stitched to main boom and rough rigged

6-Dec-19  Jib boom rigged with sheet. Mains’l rigged with main sheet