HMS Endeavour – internal hull fittings from 22nd October 2019

Construction of internal hull features

8-Nov-19  Seamen’s chests, tool chests and 6 sets of steps, 3 from the main deck to the lower deck, 3 into the hold

25-Oct-19  Further 10 large barrels made, 25 large barrels, 37 small barrels and 3 bales varnished and completed with steel bands

24-Oct-19  Further 10 large barrels  and 3 large bales (1.1 cm x .9 x .9) made.

23-Oct-19  5 larger barrels made (1.4 cm high, 1.1 cm diameter) First of a large number required for the hold

23-Oct-19  Making a barrel

7mm dowel selected and marked 9 mm from end


Scalpel used to score on the pencil line, then grooved


File used to shape groove as bottom of barrel, then the top of the barrel


Scalpel used to score deeply at barrel base, barrel snapped where scored


Barrel roughly completed by trimming and filing

Barrels made in numbers

17-Oct-19  Making barrels for cargo hold. Using grooved dowel, 9mm barrels hand  carved.


13-Oct-19  Plan of internal layout of hull