HMS Endeavour – Sails and running rigging from 14 February 2020 & finished model

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Sails and running rigging from 14 February 2020

27-Mar-20  Completed model

27-Mar-20  Braces and sheets on main and mizzen masts


27-Mar-20  Inner and out jibs rigged and completed

26-Mar-20  Mizzen tops’l, yard and spanker rigged and assembled

25-Mar-20  Braces from fores’ls to mainmast, forecourse sheets

25-Mar-20  Main t’gallant rigged, braced, completed

25-Mar-20  Main tops’l rigged, braced, completed

22-Mar-20  Main course fitted using temporary braces

22-Mar-20  Main sails – course, tops’l, t’gallant – attached to yards, sheets attached. Stuns’l booms prepared

22-Mar-20  Fore topsail and topgallant sails and stuns’l booms rigged and fitted

21-Mar-20  Fore course mounted, braced. Stuns’l booms fitted – no sheets

21-Mar-20  Fore yard attachments to mast, mast cap and raising pulleys

20-Mar-20  Foresail (1) marked up, attached to yard with stuns’l boom guides.

19-Mar-20  Braces to the spritsail yards and to the fore top

18-Mar-20  Sails 8 & 9, spritsails attached to spritsail yards with bindings and sheets. Sails on yards fitted to bowsprit.

14-Feb-20  Sail patterns cut out. Sails marked out cut and finished with seams etc