HMS Endeavour – preparation from 12 October 2019

Construction of Billing kit from 12 October 2019 – Preparation

17-Oct-19  Fret saw for cutting out frames and decks

13-Oct-19  Plan of internal layout of hull

12-Oct-19 Contents of the Billing Boats box

1 Delivery package  
2 Plywood laser cut sections – keel, ribs, decks, smaller items
3 Ramin for spars, masts etc
4 Plastic parts    
5 Thread for rigging  
6 Composite items – barrels, pulley blocks etc
7 Brass items – chimney, cannons, bells, chain parts
8 Linnen for sails  
9 Wooden strips for hull sides
10 Wooden strips for decks

12-Oct-19  Additional tools for construction

  1. 2 x large clamps
  2. 2 x medium clamps
  3. Wood bending tool with different bits

12-Oct-19  Instructions

  1. Book of instructions
  2. Full scale rigging diagrams

12-Oct-19  Full scale plans

Top view and end view full scale

Full scale side elevation with standing rigging