Mayflower – from 27 September 2019

Construction of Billing kit from 27 September 2019 – Rigging and Sails

5-Oct-19  Model completed with flags etc.

5-Oct-19  Lateen rigged onto mizzen

5-Oct-19  Lateen rigged with pulleys and sheets

5-Oct-19  Main tops’l rigged with pulleys, clew and bunt lines, tops’l rigged to main topmast with sheets added

4-Oct-19  Main course rigged

3-Oct-19  Main course rigging and pulleys attached

3-Oct-19  Main course yard attched to sail

3-Oct-19  Fore tops’l rigged with sheets, buntlines etc.

2-Oct-19  Fore tops’l rigged with pulley blocks and sheets etc.

1-Oct-19  Fore course rigged with sheets, buntlines etc.

1-Oct-19  Rigging fore course onto foremast

1-Oct-19  Creating pulley block pairs


30-Sep-19  Fore course rigged with blocks and stays

30-Sep-19  Anchor rigged, stowed

29-Sep-19  Sprits’l ropes, bunt line, sheets

29-Sep-19  Sprits’l secured to sprits’l yard. 10 pulleys attached to sail for sheets, buntlines etc.

29-Sep-19  Sails edges turned, glued, canvas sections marked

29-Sep-19  Fabric cut for sails A to F, ironed, edges turned

29-Sep-19  Paper patterns cut for sails

28-Sep-19  After sprit shaped, drilled and fitted

28-Sep-19  Mizzen stay and backstays

28-Sep-19  Main backstays from main top

28-Sep-19  Main backstays from main topmast top

28-Sep-19  Main stays, 1 to foremast, 1 to bowsprit and 5 strut stay rigged

27-Sep-19  Fore topmast backstays from fore topmast top

27-Sep-19  Fore backstays from fore topmast top rigged

27-Sep-19 Fore stay from fore topmast top rigged, 5 strutted stay from fore top rigged

27-Sep-19  Fore top mast stays’l from fore topmast top rigged