Mayflower – from 8 September 2019

Construction of Billing kit from 8 September 2019 – Masts, and  Standing Rigging 

26-Sep-19  Ships bell fitted

26-Sep-19  Fore upper and futtock ratlines, completing all ratlines

26-Sep-19  Adding the ratlines

  1. Knot thread onto right hand shroud.
  2. With thread in a needle, push the thread through the other shrouds in a level line keeping the shroud spacing.
  3. Put a small dab of glue on the left and right ends of the thread and cut off the excess.


26-Sep-19  Port and starboard main upper and futtock ratlines completed

26-Sep-19 Port and starboard fore lower ratlines completed

24-Sep-19  Port and starboard main lower ratlines completed


24-Sep-19  Starboard mizzen ratlines completed

24-Sep-19  Port mizzen ratlines completed

23-Sep-19  Main & Fore futtocks port & starboard glued

23-Sep-19  Main & Fore topmast shrouds port & starboard glued

23-Sep-19  Main, fore & mizzen lower shrouds port & starboard glued. Shrouds to be fixed in place on the tops.

22-Sep-19  Fore chains and shrouds and topsail shrouds completed

22-Sep-19  Main chains and shrouds and topsail shrouds completed

22-Sep-19  Mizzen chains and shrouds completed

21-Sep-19  Former for rigging the chains and completing shrouds.

21-Sep-19  Main, fore  and mizzen lower chain blocks completed. Main, fore and mizzen upper chain blocks and shrouds completed.

21-Sep-19 Bowsprit lashing

19-Sep-19Bowsprit cut and shaped. Masts and bowsprit glued into hull

19-Sep-19Left: Main and fore masts assembled with bindings, cleats. Right: Main, fore mizzen masts assembled with bindings, cleats.


18-Sep-19  Shaping and assembly of mizzen, main mast and spars


18-Sep-19  Mast accessories

18-Sep-19  Mast and sail plan

16-Sep-19 Hull completed with boats