Mayflower – from July 2019

Construction of Billing kit from July 2019

16-Sep-19 Assemble boats

16-Sep-19  Access rungs on both sides

16-Sep-19  Rudder repainted, assembly fitted

16-Sep-19  Waterline strake painted black

15-Sep-19  Hull below waterline painted (1st coat white)

15-Sep-19  Waterline strakes bent and fitted

15-Sep-19  Main, fore and mizzen chains, catheads, ladders and gun port covers fitted

14-Sep-19  Deck gratings, beak and doors fitted

14-Sep-19  Stern decoration (lights, flower) fitted

14-Sep-19  Port and starboard strakes cut and fitted

13-Sep-19  Rigging accessories completed


13-Sep-19 Hull accessories completed

13-Sep-19 Boat thwarts varnished

13-Sep-19  Superstructure, hull, decks varnished

13-Sep-19  Focs’l and quarterdeck rails completed

12-Sep-19  Rudder assembled with hull pintles

12-Sep-19  quarterdeck & poop deck rails cut and glued

12-Sep-19 Port and starboard main deck rails cut and glued

11-Sep-19  Quarterdeck and poop deck vertical surfaces covered

11-Sep-19  Focs’l vertical surfaces covered

11-Sep-19  Pintle holes drilled, after lights inserts redone

9-Sep-19 Lifeboat hulls and thwarts trimmed and painted

9-Sep-19 Rails trimmed and painted

9-Sep-19 Beak trimmed, assembled and painted

9-Sep-19 Rigging and mast accessories trimmed

8-Sep-19 Housing on quarterdeck

8-Sep-19 Final coating on tiller, rudder, pintles, accessories

8-Sep-19 Fore & poop decks planking cut and glued


8-Sep-19 Quarter deck planking cut and glued

8-Sep-19 Main deck planking cut and glued

7-Sep-19 Cut, trimmed plastic parts for beak, gratings, doors. A – beak, B – focs’l doors, C – after struts, D – poop doors, F – gun ports, G – deck gratings

6-Sep-19 Painting of decoration aft above rudder

6-Sep-19 Bending rig for side rails. 2 rails bent

5-Sep-19 After window lights, brackets and rose

5-Sep-19 Rudder and tiller smoothed and pintles fitted. Pintles prepared to be fitted to rudder post. Wire axle cut and prepared.

5-Sep-19 Rudder and tiller assembled

3-Sep-19  Hull below waterline filled, sanded, tiller hole drilled

29-Aug-19 Bulwarks sloped, completed

29-Aug-19 Below waterline sanded, filled

28-Aug-19 Starboard side, below water line, securing planks to keel, fill completed

1-Jul-19 late p.m. – Starboard side, below water line, further 3 planks glued and clamped.

31-Jul-19 p.m. – Starboard side, below water line, further 2 planks glued, clamped.

31-Jul-19 a.m. – Starboard side, below water line, adjacent to keel. 2 planks glued, clamped.

30-Jul-19 – Starboard side, below water line, above installed sections. Planks glued, plugged, filled

29-Jul-19 – Starboard side below water line 3 planks shaped, glued. Below the ends of the planks are glued and clamped.

28-Jul-19 – Port side below water line planks shaped, glued, completed

27-Jul-19 – 75% of the planking, port side below water level cut and glued in place ready for filling and rasping, prior to painting

20-Jul-19 – Construction of plank former. Several test planks formed.