ESU PSC Final 2008 Budapest

At SOTE II Clinic, 9th May 2008

Morvai Bence from Arany J?nos Gimn?zium in Nyiregyh?za, the winner of the 2008 final of the Public Speaking Competition held at the SOTE II Clinic T?zolt? u. is pictured here left.

Bence will attend the 2009 final in London providing there is sponsorship for the trip and he takes part in the competition next year. He will accompany the 2009 overall winner.

Bence’s name appears on the trophy along with the winners from previous years. The trophy and winners plaques

Participants, judges and organisers pose for a group photo. The competition was held the day after the International Final in London sponsored by HSBC Bank. It was unfortunate that strikes and other problems led to the very late date for our final.

As there was insufficient sponsorship for the competition in Hungary our winner this year will have to wait until next year to go, providing we have sponsorship in place then.

Photos from the competition in order of performance
These pictures can be sent by e-mailing if you quote the number.

List of participants in order with school and teacher:

Eszes Ern?, Budapest, V?r?smarty Gimn., Gyuricza Kata
Cs?kv?ri Fl?ra, Debrecen, Fazekas Gimn., Sz?plakin? Kocsis ?va
WINNER overall: Morvai Bence, Nyiregyh?za, Arany J., Medv?n? Kende Timea
V?rfi L?szl?, Eger, P?sztorv?lgyi Gimn., Howard Cutler
Nagy M?rton, R?ckeve, Ady Enre Gimn., Gebhardt R?bert
RUNNER UP: Vass Tam?s, Eger, Neumann Gimn., Barta-Boncz N?ra
Hirmann Andr?s, P?cs, PTE Babits Mih?ly, Edmund Dudley
Kornafeld Anna, Nyiregyh?za, Szent Imre Kat. Gimn., Nagyn? Ullrich Katalin
Dziewonska Faustina, Budapest, Szab? L?rinc, P?tern? Kov?cs D?ra
WINNER open: Patrick N A Taylor, Eger, P?sztorv?lgyi Gimn., Howard Cutler

The PSC preliminary competitions 2008

First place certificate
Runner up certificate
Certificate of merit