OUP Christmas Conference 2006, Debrecen

At Toth Arpad Gimnazium on 6th December 2006

Ben Wetz addresses the conference in Debrecen.

A special event came from a Debrecen primary school, Lilla T?ri ?ltal?nos Iskola, (students from class 3) who presented a very competent ‘Winnie the Witch’ in English (The story is published by OUP).

OUP would like to convey their thanks to the teachers responsible: Kulcsár Ildikó, Kohanecz Zsuzsa and Szabó Krisztina.

This was the final conference venue and after a week of presentations we were beginning to believe that we had run out of new ideas.

Luckily the teachers who attended didn’t appear to think so.

Local presenters were Bicskei Angéla from Árpád fejedelem Általános Iskola with a presentation entitled ‘Santa got stuck in the chimney’ involving crosswords, card games, BINGO, storytelling, etc. which can be used in English lessons or at Christmas parties, Kőszeghy Attila, KFRTF, Debrecen on ‘Idiotic Idioms or Idiots’ Idioms?’ discussing the idea that contemporary idioms use rather ”playful” imagery and Szirmai Erika from KFRTF looking at story-based activities for young learners in English lessons.

Santa Claus, alias Steve Jones was able to appear in person and ….. then we discovered that Santa, actually, was quite musical and played the guitar. We’re not sure how he had learned all this at the North Pole but I’m sure you’ll be able to discover the answer – or maybe your students will.

Pictures from the Debrecen conference