OUP Christmas Conference 2006, Pécs

At Kodály Zoltán Gimnázium Pécs on 1st December 2006

A group of attentive and interested teachers in the unfamiliar position of the student.

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As well as the plenaries from Ben Wetz, Steve Jones and Santa Claus with the presentation by Challenge and the prize draw, teachers had the opportunity of opting to attend one of four workshops which were:

“Christmas Games and Quizzes” from Edmund Dudley (PTE Babits Mihály Gyakorló Iskola, Pécs) – Seasonal fun and topical trivia for your Christmas classroom. (Upper primary/secondary)

“Christmas is coming” from Pat Maddocks (Kodály Zoltán Gimnázium Pécs) – Ideas for games and fun activities to use in the classroom in the run-up to Christmas. (mixed levels)

“Speaking of gifts” from Lugossy Réka (PTE) – Through “poems, pictures, jokes and stories” related to Christmas celebrations, the workshop offers hopefully memorable?activities which relate language and culture to students’ lives. (intermediate to advanced levels)

“Christmas Spirit” from Kelemen Ferenc (OUP) – How can we engage our learners in meaningful and useful langauage tasks and, at the same time, give the lessons a more Christmassy direction? Activities discussed will include scripting plays as well as designing special follow-up activities to songs and other authentic texts.