Report: International Public Speaking Competition 2007

The National Final, Budapest, 13th April 2007

The Winner of the event, whose name will go on the trophy shown here, was Péter Kovács who took part in the International Final in London. You can read his report by clicking here.

We were very grateful to Prof Dr Gyorgy Fekete, the director of the SOTE II clinic, for offering the lecture theatre in the T?zolt? u. building. Map

The event took place on Friday 13th April at 1.30 pm, finishing around 3.30 pm.

The competitors prepared a 5 minute presentation in English entitled ‘DYNAMIC EARTH’ .

Most of the work of organising the event centrally went to Judit B?rszeki for which everyone participating was extremely grateful. The smooth running of the event was mainly the result of her hard work. We also have to thank the teachers who prepared their students so well and ensured their participation.

We were very pleased to have two native speaker judges, Steve Stanton a financial advisor for DeVere and Partners and Peter Fekete (despite the name English) who is involved in internet education. In addition we were very grateful to Rita Kiss, a teacher at the police academy here in Budapest, who made up the panel of three.

Participants were very grateful to Steve Stanton particularly for his excellent questions and to Peter Fekete for his valuable de-briefing of the participants. We hope to do something similar in future, perhaps more formally.

L to R: Steve Stanton (judge), P?ter Kov?cs (winner), Rita Kiss (judge), Peter Fekete (judge), Edmund Dudley (organiser, P?cs)

We have received funding to cover the cost of ONE person attending the final in London. This sponsorship of 280GBP, from Metropolitan Essex branch of the ESU in the UK, will cover all of the expenses of our competitor, P?ter Kov?cs from P?cs, who will be representing Hungary in the International Competition. We have written to express our thanks to Ron Truss , the Chairman of the Essex branch. The person selected was the winner in the OPEN category, which included all competitors. The winner in the ‘Home’ category was Iveszics Alexander from P?cs and the runner up was Patrick Taylor from Eger.

The winners in both sections ‘home’ and ‘open’ and the runner up received medals. The winner’s name will appear on the trophy. In fact every one of the participants was a winner as the standard was really very high. We are only disappointed that there are not even more entrants.

The PARTICIPANTS – with results – (in order of presentation)

1. Budapest – V?r?smarty Mih?ly Gimn.
Nov?k Rebeka
2. Debrecen – Fazekas Mih?ly Gimn?zium
Adri?ny Csenge
3. Budapest – V?r?smarty Mih?ly Gimn.
Turi D?niel
4. P?cs – Szent M?r Iskolak?zpont
Kov?cs P?ter – WINNER – Open section

5. Ny?regyh?za – Kr?dy Gyula Gimn?zium
Gucsa Magdolna
6. Baja – T?rr Istv?n Gazdas?gi Szakk?z?piskola
Szendy Tibor
7. Eger – Neumann J?nos Gimn?zium
Bota Zsolt
8. Szombathely – Bolyai J?nos Gyakorl? ?ltal?nos Iskola ?s Gimn?zium
Dr?cz L?jos
9. Eger – P?sztorv?lgyi ?ltal?nos Iskola ?s Gimn?zium
Patrick Taylor – RUNNER UP – Open section

10. R?ckeve – Ady Endre Gimn?zium
Nagy M?rton
11. Ny?regyh?za – Kr?dy Gyula Gimn?zium
M?r? Dorottya
12. P?cs – Babits Mih?ly Gyakorl? Gimn?zium ?s Szakk?z?piskola
Iveszics Alexander – WINNER – Home section

Pictures of the competitors

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