Singlish at OUP Bookshop – December 2018

    and    Steve Jones

The dates and topics for OUP Singlish (Each Wednesday for December only 3 to 5pm) at the OUP bookshop, Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 7, 1052, are as follows (the word download documents are also provided with information or words of the featured songs)

 Wednesday December 5th 2018 – Christmas – Traditions in the UK including Yuletide (Norse), the Winter Solstice, Festivals of Light. Singlish Christmas factsSinglish – Christmas plantsSinglish – Childrens Songs

Wednesday December 12th 2018 – Christmas – Food and drink, Boxing Day

Wednesday December 19th 2018 – Christmas –  Some special CHRISTMAS songs illustrating what we want in a Christmas song by Steve Singlish Christmas songS X2 Burns Singlish – BurnsSinglish Hogmamnay Burns

If you have any preferences please contact Steve