Singlish Word Documents

Word documents including song words and information on the songs for download. NOTE: These downloads are free to users but not for profit. Please acknowledge Steve Jones or

Christmas, Robert Burns

Singlish Hogmamnay Burns

Singlish Christmas facts

Singlish – Christmas plants

Singlish – Burns

The Sea, ships

Singlish – Sea and Ships

singlish – sailing ships

singlish – steam to nuclear power

By Topic

Singlish – spirituals and calypsos

Singlish – Industrial ballads

Singlish – Love and Life

Singlish – Humourous songs

Singlish – Films and Musicals

Singlish – Childrens Songs

By Nationality:

Singlish – Irish songs and rebellion

Singlish – British traditional songs

Singlish – British Army

Singlish – American trad songs ballads