Stage 2: Investigations and Essays: task 1

‘Singlish’ in the classroom:

A short essay of one or two A4 pages around 500 words, hand written.

Marking criteria for essay:

1. Nothing significant handed in.

2. An attempt has been made to complete the hand written material (At least 1/3 normal page). The work is incomplete.

3. The material is 1 page long and has been corrected but the standard is very basic. The work is still really incomplete.

4. The material has been completed and corrected as required but the standard is not of the highest quality. The work is complete.

5. The essay is complete, corrected and of an appropriate standard.

5* Much more has been included and all is complete to a very high standard.

Ultimately we will put together and word process the best into a record of the year in ‘Singlish’. Every student will be expected to make a contribution.