Stage 2 Investigations and essays: Task 3

‘Singlish’ in the classroom:

Group project:
Students will work in groups to produce a wall display. The whole of this work will be aimed at producing team work and there will be an assessment on team work at the conclusion.

1. There was no element of team work observed

2. There was some team work but with little real co-ordination and co-operation

3. There was teamwork which produced the required display of an acceptable standard.

4. The team work harmonically and shared and co-operated on every aspect within the classroom. A suitanble display was produced.

5. There was good team spirit and an excellent result was achieved. The group worked both in class and outside to obtain material and create their layout.

5* The students in the team worked closely together, maximising their performance and completing the project to the highest of standards with a considerable proportion of the work done outside class time.