for the Public Speaking Competition 2007

1. People are very much the same the world over.
1.a. Different nations have very different characteristics.

2. Schools try to abolish differences and stifle diversity.
2.a. Schools should try to create international understanding.

3. Government needs to recognise differing needs to create a more equal
3.a. Governments should ‘rob the rich to help the poor’.

4. Demonstrations by the public demonstrate a healthy attitude to
differences in society
4.a. Groups like Green Peace and other environmental campaigners are undemocratic.

5. Dogmatic people are essential in this society
5.a. People should be more outspoken and have a right to be heard.

6. All sportsmen and women should have the ‘killer’ instinct and wish to win
at all costs
6.a. Winning is not the aim of a game. Everyone should be a winner.

7. We should all have our ‘hour of fame’
7.a. No one likes someone who publicises him/herself.

8. One man’s freedom is another man’s slavery
8.a. There is no such thing as freedom.

9. Everybody should have the same rights and responsibilities
9.a. We are all responsible for each other.

10. Fashion limits our ability to dress as we wish
10.a. Fashion is a way of making us slaves.

11. Laws which protect civil liberties are a threat to society
11.a. Laws are designed to protect the rich.

12. Smokers should have less right to health care than non-smokers
12.a. Health care should be provided for those who take care of themselves.

13. The only good music is classical music
13.a. Pop music is the opium of the young.

14. Women’s rights have taken away the rights of men
14.a. Men and women should have equal rights and equal responsibilities.

15. The TV contains too much of too little and too little of anything good
15.a. Soap operas (neighbours etc) are essential to the well being of a nation.

16. All buildings should be designed to fit into a pattern and should not be
so different
16.a. If we had been designed to live in tower blocks we should have been given wings.

17. Politicians should not be members of political parties
17.a. Either politicians or political parties should be abolished.

18. All religions are much the same and have the same basic standards
18.a. Muslims, Jews and Christians are the same people but in different hats.

19. Soap operas create characters which conform to the prejudices of society
19.a. We believe too much of what we see on TV.

20. Environmentalists are born not created
20.a. Great scientists have done more harm than good.

21. All parents are the same
21.a. Parents are like their children but just a bit older.

22. Newspapers are controlled by large corporations and cannot provide
‘objective’ news reporting
22.a. TV news is too depressing

23. Most people would enjoy a climate with Spring all year round
23.a. The weather helps to make us the people we are.

24. Men should share all the tasks normally carried out by women
24.a. Women should stick to their role and men to theirs.

25. Animals and humans should be treated the same
25.a. Human rights are just another form of animal rights.

26. Uranium is just another atom, no better nor worse than any other
26.a. Uranium is just a metal – it’s the people who use it that are dangerous.

27. Lying is a good way to hide differences
27.a. The truth is just a more popular sort of lie.

28. Advertising tries to make everyone think the same
28.a. Advertising tells you what you don’t need and how much you don’t want to pay for it.

29. Technology prevents us doing things which are original and inventive
29.a. The mobile phone is an intrusion on our and other people’s privacy.

30. A holiday for one person is torture for another
30.a. Sunbathing is a legal form of suicide.