OUP Healthy Lifestyle Competition

Oxford University Press – Szechenyi Library 2 June 2007

Opened by a Brassoi Sandor, a deputy secretary from the Education Ministry, there were over 400 prizes to be given out during two sessions, the first in the morning at 11am and the second in the afternoon starting at 1pm, to the entrants for the competition.

In addition to giving out the prizes there was some entertainment from Steve Jones with his folk songs and from a young Klaudia Egervari from a Kaposvar primary school with her tale about a cat which doesn’t want to go to sleep.

Click on the links below for pictures taken of the exhibition, presenters and prize winners (If you would like a full size image e-mailing to you please contact Steve saying the number(s) of those you would like. Each image is 1.5 to 2MB)
The organisers and presenters
The exhibition
The morning presentations
The afternoon presentations

In addition Challenge travel offered prizes and pictures of their presentations can be found below. www.challenge.hu

Challenge presentations