RBIF Burns Songs Competition

Robert Burns International Foundation (www.rbif.org)

Over 80 individual entries from 8 schools have been received. We had 70 in Round 1 and have 12 in Round 2. Well done to those who have entered. Click here to see the winning entries who will receive prizes from Oxford University Press.

The entries have been judged by a panel including teachers and design experts and will be displayed at the OUP Christmas Conferences 2006.

Click here to see these individual entries

Primary Schools meet Robert Burns – and like him!

A photo here of enthusiastic young students at Sz?r?d M?rton iskola in Duna?jv?ros.

Their teacher, Bar?th J?zsefn?, sent us this picture and we are really pleased that they have discovered the world of Robert Burns through the Robert Burns International Foundation (www.rbif.org), ‘Singlish’ and Oxford University Press (www.oup.hu).

These students have found it difficult to work just in English but have looked at translations. Even for the English the Scottish langauge of Robert Burns can be difficult. Robert Burns knew the value of languages and taught himself French. I hope that in the future these students will be able to read the originals in ‘Scottish’.

‘Scottish’ should be thought of as a language as opposed to a dialect of English.