Robert Burns International Foundation Competition

Helping Sick and Under-Privileged Children throughout Central Europe

The galleries at the bottom of this page contain all of the entries for the competition received before the deadline.

The best of these entries will be displayed at the Oxford University Press Christmas Conferences scheduled for the end of November, beginning of December in Szeged, Miskolc, Budapest, Debrecen and Pecs where prizes will be presented.

Which do you like best and why?
Please write to me at saying which you like (give the page number in the gallery and the name of the school) and why. (We will publish what you say so please include your full name, age, school and teacher).

Teachers: We would welcome your comments too.

The Robert Burns Competition continues:
We were so impressed with this first group of entries that we would like to advertise another deadline for a second group of entrants for the ROBERT BURNS COMPETITION – deadline – 1st November 2006. If you didn’t get your entries in this time you have another chance now! Look on the website for the information.

First Round Entries
Szent Gyorgyi Albert, Budapest
Arany Janos, Berretyofalu
Varosmajori Gimnazium, Budapest
Szechenyi Istvan Alt. Isk., Arlo
Neumann Janos, Eger
Krudy Gyula, Nyiregyhaza

Second Round Entries
Vaci Mihaly, Tatabanya
Szent Gyorgyi Albert, Budapest
Krudy Gyula, Nyiregyhaza