Stage 2: Investigations and essays: Task 2

‘Singlish’ in the classroom:

A full essay of two to three hand written pages (1000 words), computer generated cover sheet, computer generated, original or photocopied illustrations relevant to the essay, properly annotated and appendices including a bibliography (showing where the material comes from) and the material sources they’ve used.

Marking criteria for essay:

1. Nothing significant handed in. Information from the internet alone would come in this category.

2. An attempt has been made to complete the hand written material (At least 1 normal page). There is evidence of research. The work is incomplete.

3. The hand written material is 2 to 3 pages long and has been corrected but the standard is very basic. There is evidence of research but the work is still incomplete.

4. The hand written material has been completed and corrected as required but the standard is not of the highest quality. Appendices are complete generally but not as well ordered as they might be. Illustrations are there as required. The work is complete.

5. There is a 2 to 3 page essay, hand written and corrected more than once if necessary. The folder is complete with all appendices as required and illustrations are complete and appropriate.

5* Much more has been included and all is complete to a very high standard.