Warships built from scratch – section 9

Planned and built by Steve Jones   Georgios Averoff, Kilkis, Elli (Greek b’ship, cruisers WW1)   Thyella, Niki, Aetos (Greek destroyers WW1)   Kriti, Apostolis, Kyzikos (Greek destroyer, sloop, TB)   Katsonis, Protefs, Aigli (Greek Submarines, torpedo boat)   Prometheus, Chios, Naftilos (Greek  replen’t, landing, survey)

IPSC 2019

The English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition 2019  HUNGARY FINAL 2019 Orsós Botond of Győr wins the 2019 International Public Speaking Competition Final in Hungary After three semi-finals, two of five and one of six competitors (see below) there was a very competitive final of six students: Földvári Blanka, Kiss Fanni, Seprényi Kitti, Nyírfa …