HMS Endeavour – internal hull structure and fittings from 3rd November 2019

Construction of internal hull structure and fitting out

25-Nov-19  Model with decks and masts dry fitted and lights off and on.

25-Nov-19 Control box modified, stand and lighting completed.

25-Nov-19  New connector (scart) used to connect ship to control box. It is essential to enable a single plug to connect the ship to the control box.

21-Nov-19  Control box modified and lamp installation completed

20-Nov-19  Additional 3 circuits completed

19-Nov-19  Three circuits and control box completed

19-Nov-19  Stand and control box completed.

19-Nov-19  Lamp cover completed

18-Nov-19  Stand and control box begun. First circuit completed. Circuit diagram.

17-Nov-19  Four cannon barrels made and fixed into the hold (there were 10 cannon on board, six on deck and four spares

16-Nov-19  Officers’ quarters, Captain’s cabin and navigation table fitted

14-Nov-19  Completion to date

14-Nov-19  Mid decks added fore and aft

14-Nov-19 Galley fitted

14-Nov-19 Lockers kitted out

11-Nov-19  Two sections of the Officers deck with ladders to the quarterdeck and POs deck

11-Nov-19  The deck occupied by the 12 marines and 56 crew (two watches) showing storage, hammocks, marines muskets and access to the hold

11-Nov-19  Two installed officer’s deck sections with access to Pos deck and quarterdeck

11-Nov-19  Officer’s deck around mainmast with access to PO’s deck

10-Nov-19  Hammocks slung in lower deck

10-Nov-19  POs cabins (master, surgeon) with suspended bunk, chest and barrels, ward room completed

10-Nov-19  4 sweeps (8.5 metres)

9-Nov-19  Hammocks made ready for rigging

9-Nov-19  Access to rope store, lower deck sections 1 to 3, lower deck edging

9-Nov-19  Lower deck sections 8 to 10 glued in place

9-Nov-19  Lower deck section 7 hole cut for access to hold, deck glued, ladder installed

9-Nov-19  Lower deck sections 4 to 6 (2 pieces) modified with holes for ladder access, glued

9-Nov-19  Hold filled with barrels, bales, coils of rope, spars. Ladders in place

8-Nov-19  Deck edges and pillars at frame 4 inserted

8-Nov-19  Internal decls varnished, top decks lined, varnished

8-Nov-19  Small fixed sections of deck veneered, varnished

7-Nov-19  Top decks completed

7-Nov-19  Lower decks, officer’s deck and upper focs’l deck covered with veneer.

7-Nov-19   Veneer covering on bilge deck sections 2 to 4

4-Nov-19  Main/quarterdeck, welldeck and foredeck dry fitted.

4-Nov-19  Final hull with all inner decks dry assembled.

3-Nov-19  Officer’s accommodation decks completed and dry fitted.

3-Nov-19  Lower deck sections 8 to 10 (2 symmetrical halves), Section 7 – a single piece. Sections 4 to 6 (2 symmetrical halves). Sections 1 to 3 to be completed

3-Nov-19  Model as complete to date with full bilge deck sections 1 and 5 to 9 veneered, sections 2 to 4 card bases and Mainmast, Foremast and Mizzenmast dry fitted to the keel.

3-Nov-19  Bilge floor base sections 1, 5 & 6 9 covered in veneer.


3-Nov-19  Bilge floor base sections 7 to 9 covered in veneer.

3-Nov-19  Bilge floor base sections 1 to 9 cut and dry set.